'Embroidery plug-in' is an add-on designed for either CorelDRAW® or Adobe Illustrator® that will allow you to import an image file from your open graphic software directly into any of the COMPUCON software products - either 'EOS 3.0', 'Stitch & Sew 2.0', 'TES 3.0' or 'TES - ESP'.

Simple to Use. And the artwork from CorelDRAW® or Adobe Illustrator® will transfer into the Compucon software, maintaining 100% of the vector information.

What is more, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Compucon software users to download and install, no extra cost involved!

The plug-in also contains some additional time saving options, for example, allowing you to automatically take an open image in CorelDRAW® or Adobe Illustrator® and convert it to embroidery with just one click of a button.

You can view some further details on use and capabilities of this plug-in by clicking on the links below.

How to use CorelDRAW embroidery plug-in.pdf
How to use Adobe Illustrator embroidery plug-in.pdf


The 'CorelDRAW_plugin.exe' is suitable for CorelDRAW® X3, X4 and X5 version only.
The 'AdobeIllustrator_plugin.exe' is suitable for Adobe Illustrator®  CS3 or CS4 version only.

Make sure to have the software installed before adding the plug-in on top of it.

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