Support Options

Stitch & Sew is more than just a digitizing and editing software, it is a complete environment designed to help you get into the magical world of creating beautiful embroidery designs by yourself.

Therefore, it has been our concern to combine the software with a variety of support material that will help you while working with the software.

Support Tools & Options

Index Help

Stitch & Sew comes with an on-line Help feature to provide valuable information on the features and functions of Stitch & Sew.


Users manual

A detailed manual is included with the software in electronic format.



The Tutorial is an additional Help feature that will quickly guide you on how to use the software correctly to achieve amazing results. This has the purpose to show you how to do things while working with the software.


Internet Help

The Internet Help is an added support feature providing access to support material made available on special dedicated pages on the Internet. As this material will be updated constantly please make sure to frequently look through whats available.

Stitch & Sew Troubleshoot utility is a special utility designed to enhance the support offered to you, what it does is collect all necessary data related to the 'Stitch & Sew' software installation along with generic information of the PC and Windows Operating system it is installed on.